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Privacy Policy

1. Data Controller

  • Name: Nextier Oy
  • Business ID: 3247876-2
  • Address: Isokatu 56
  • Postal code: 90100
  • City: Oulu
  • Country: Finland

2. Definitions

  • Nextier Oy ("we", "us", "our", "Nextier").
  • Data subject ("you", "your", "website visitor").

3. Legal bases for data processing

  1. Legitimate interest.
  2. Contract.
  3. Consent.
  4. Legal obligation.

4. General

Nextier Oy is committed to privacy and confidentiality. Our policy is to only collect the minimum amount of data and information required for our services to work properly, for the continuation of business relationships with interested parties, the performance of contractual agreements, and to implement the rights and obligations required by law. We store data only for as long as necessary to fulfil the aforementioned purposes.

This privacy policy may be amended at any time if our data collection policies change.

5. Personal data

We treat personal data with the strictest degree of confidentiality. Every Nextier employee is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Nextier employees may be given access to personal data and other confidential information only as needed to perform their duties, and only in relation to the data subject(s) in question.

Our service providers may transfer data outside the European Union / European Economic Area. Nextier employees may access or be granted access to personal data and other confidential information if they are physically located outside the European Union / European Economic Area at the time this information is required to fulfil their duties.

5.1. Personal data of job applicants

If you are applying for a consultant position, we may share your professional background and some basic information about you with our clients and partners. Before we share your profile, we will separately contact you first.

6. Service providers

6.1. Teamtailor

The service for handling recruitments and simplifying the hiring process (the "Service") is powered by Teamtailor on behalf of Nextier. The persons using the Service (such as recruitment candidates, job applicants, etc) are referred to as a “User”, plural “Users”. The Users' personal data is processed for the purpose of managing and facilitating the recruitment of employees to our business.

6.1.1. When and how we collect personal data

We collect personal data about Users from Users when Users:

  • make an application through the Service or otherwise, adding personal data about themselves either personally or by using a third-party source such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • use the Service to connect with our staff, adding personal data about themselves either personally or by using a third-party source such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • provide identifiable data in the chat (provided through the website that uses the Service) and such data is of relevance to the application procedure.

We collect data from third parties, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and through other public sources. This is referred to as “Sourcing” and may be manually performed by our employees or automatically in the Service.

In some cases, existing employees can make recommendations about potential applicants. Such employees will add personal data about such potential applicants. If this happens, the potential applicant is considered a User in the context of this Privacy Policy and will be informed about the processing.

6.1.2. The types of personal data collected and processed

The categories of personal data that can be collected through the Service can be used to identify natural persons from names, e-mails, pictures and videos, information from Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, answers to questions asked throughout the recruitment process, titles, education and other information that the User or others have provided through the Service. Only data that is relevant for the recruitment process is collected and processed.

6.1.3. Purpose and lawfulness of processing

The purpose for the collection and processing of personal data is to manage recruitment. The lawfulness of the processing of personal data is our legitimate interest to simplify and facilitate recruitment.

Personal data that is processed for the purpose of aggregated analysis or market research is always made unidentifiable. Such personal data cannot be used to identify a certain User. Thus, such data is not considered personal data.

6.1.4. The consent of the data subject

The User consents to the processing of their personal data for the purpose of Nextier's recruitment. The User consents that personal data is collected through the Service, when Users:

  • make an application through the Service, adding personal data about themselves either personally or by using a third-party source such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and that Nextier may use external sourcing tools to add additional information.

  • when they use the Service to connect to Nextier's recruitment department, adding personal data about themselves either personally or by using a third-party source such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

The User also consents to Nextier collecting publicly available information about the User and compile them for use in recruitment purposes.

The User consents to the personal data being collected in accordance with the above and also that the personal data will be processed according to the below sections "Storage and transfers" and "How long the personal data will be processed".

The User has the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time, by contacting Nextier using the contact details listed at the end of this document. Using this right may, however, mean that the User cannot apply for a specific job or otherwise use the Service.

6.1.5. Storage and transfers

The personal data collected through the Service are stored and processed inside the EU/EEA, or such third country that is considered by the European Commission to have an adequate level of protection, or processed by such suppliers that have entered into such binding agreements that fully comply with the lawfulness of third country transfers or to other suppliers where adequate safeguards are in place to protect the rights of the data subjects whose data is transferred. To obtain documentation regarding such adequate safeguards, contact us using the contact details listed at the end of this document.

6.1.6. How long the personal data will be processed

If a User does not object, in writing, to the processing of their personal data, the personal data will be stored and processed by us as long as we deem it necessary with regards to the purposes stated above. Note that an applicant (User) may be interesting for future recruitment and for this purpose we may store Users' personal data until they are no longer of value as potential recruits. If you as a User wish not to have your personal data processed for this purpose (future recruitment) please contact us using the contact details found at the end of this document.

6.1.7. Security

We prioritize the integrity of personal data and work actively so that the personal data of the Users are processed with utmost care. We take appropriate measures to make sure that the personal data of Users and others are processed safely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the GDPR regulation.

However, transfers of information over the internet and mobile networks can never occur without any risk, so all transfers are made on the own risk of the person transferring the data. It is important that Users also take responsibility to ensure that their data is protected. It is the responsibility of the User that their login information is kept secret.

6.1.8. Transfer of personal data to third parties

We may transfer Users' personal data to:

  • our contractors and subcontractors, acting as our Processors and Sub-Processors in accordance with our instructions, for the provision of the Service.

  • authorities or legal advisors in case criminal or improper behavior is suspected.

  • authorities, legal advisors or other actors, if required by us according to law or authority's injunction.

We will only transfer Users' personal data to third parties that we have confidence in. We carefully choose partners to ensure that the User's personal data is processed in accordance with current privacy legislation. We cooperate with the following categories of processors of personal data; Teamtailor, who supplies the Service, server and hosting companies, e-mail reference companies, video processing companies, information-sourcing companies, analytical service companies and other companies with regards to supplying the Service.

6.1.9. Aggregated data (non-identifiable personal data)

We may share aggregated data to third parties. The aggregated data has in such instances been compiled from information that has been collected through the Service and can, for example, consist of statistics of internet traffic or the geological location when using the Service. The aggregated data does not contain any information that can be used to identify individual persons and is thus not personal data.

6.1.10. Cookies on the Careers site

When Users use the Service, information about the usage may be stored as cookies. Cookies are passive text files that are stored in the internet browser on the User's device, such as computer, mobile phone or tablet, when using the Service. We use cookies to improve the User's usage of the Service and to gather statistical information about the usage of the Service. This is done to secure, maintain and improve the Service. The information that is collected through cookies can in some instances be personal data and is, in such instances, regulated by the Career Site Cookie Policy.

6.1.11. Personal data management and cookie settings for the Careers site

To manage your personal data and your cookie preferences on the Careers site, please visit: Career Site Data Management.

Additionally, Users can at any time disable the use of cookies by adjusting the local settings in their devices. Disabling cookies can affect the experience of the Service. Some functions in the Service may be unavailable without the use of cookies.

6.2. Google services - Google Workspace

We may store or process personal data using Google services (e.g. Google Workspace applications). The location of the data centers is set in the European Union.

7. Cookies

7.1. Cookies on the Nextier website

Our website uses optional cookies for functionality purposes. The cookies our website uses are small bits of text that are stored in your device and help us remember your preferences as well as allow certain features to work properly. We use cookies to remember your cookie permission setting, language selection, and theme preferences.

7.1.1. Cookie opt-out and removal

If you want to opt-out and remove our website's cookies, you may do so by pressing the button below:

Cookies are denied. There are currently 0 active cookies.

You may also remove cookies from your device by referring to your browser's cookie management options.

7.2. Cookies on the Careers site

Our Careers site is powered by Teamtailor to provide job applicants a faster way to apply for jobs and allow better control of their personal data. The Careers site uses cookies and collects certain usage information. To learn more about the cookies used on the Careers site and manage your cookie preferences for the Careers site, please visit: Career Site Data Management.

8. Data subject's rights

You have the right to:

  1. Obtain information on the processing of your personal data.
  2. Access your data (the right to access).
  3. Rectify your data (the right to rectification).
  4. The erasure of your data (the right to be forgotten).
  5. Restrict the processing of your data.
  6. Data portability.
  7. Object to the processing of your data.
  8. Not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.

Not all of these rights can be exercised in all situations. For example, we can only delete data that we aren't legally obligated to keep.

9. Contact information

9.1. Nextier Oy

For requests regarding your personal data, please contact us at data@nextier.fi

9.2. Supervisory authority

The Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman oversees data protection laws in Finland. For more information regarding data protection laws or to file a complaint, you may contact the Data Protection Ombudsman: